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Reposting because hearing that a fan at @warpedtour would steal from one of the most earnest, DIY non-profits on the road is beyond heartbreaking.
There’s no corporate bullshit with @shirtsforacure - just a crew with a love a music, selling band shirts to help cancer patients in need.
Direct donations:
100% of the proceeds from #SFAC band t-shirts go to a cancer patient in need - pick up a shirt at

What Amy said.

Shirts For A Cure and Beemer are great, please help spread the word. 

This is so lame. Please help.

This is down right terrible. No faith in humanity.
These are two of my four band mates and they are the coolest people in the world #bandbonding #pizzajams #poppunk #northshore2k14 be ready for a great year my friends (at Kirkland, Illinois)

Sixteen | Real Friends | Maybe This Place Is The Same And Were Just Changing 

This is me, i don&#8217;t like fake people, i like people who do stupid awkward random things around me, and don&#8217;t feel stupid about it, while i laugh because they are being real. 


This is the song i choose bae. apanthr0pinizati0n

It was fun while it lasted! More to come sooonnn 👌 (at Kirkland, Illinois)
This is what bestfriends look like #turnt #on #a #monday #happy
Hi, iDrum bout to throw down a super rad session an figure some new stuff out. Real friends cover tonight 👌 #shreddemdrums #drum #poppunk #realfriends #latenightsinmycar #ilovethis
I may be #ugly but this pizza is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen. #lovepizza #loveme #poppunk #pizzalife
Anonymous said: I know you're nice. I just feel like being on anon 'cause I'm shy.

dont be shy, i dont judge, im all about making people smile \m/,

Anonymous said: You're hella cute. c:

Thanks, whoever you are, dont be afraid to tell me as the real you, not anonymous. im to nice to be mean. 

A lot of people have inboxed me asking who the perfect girl for me would be, well heres the answer to all you heartthrobs out there, i want someone who can be around me in sweats and a T-shirt with no make up on, someone who will jam out to real friends and front porch step hours on end singing with me without getting bored, someone who loves what i love, and likes pizza, someone who’s rad enough to take time out of there day to make mine a little better. Pretty much someone who loves me till death and actually means it. I dont care about beauty, money, or sex all the time. Tumblr kids, that is the perfect girl for me 👌

Give Up | Knuckle Puck | Don&#8217;t Come Home

City Lights - All The Right Moves
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